ENDANGERED SPECIES;Tiger rug, hand felted.


Our tiger rug is hand felted. We design and then work with the felters to produce a rug with a nod to the 30s Tibetan tiger carpets. These rugs are ideal for picnics, yoga, meditation, in a childs room.

Patterns are felted into the rug as the wet fleece is worked by the felters . They are individually made, each one is unique.

These rugs are made by master felt-makers, living in villages where felt has been made for the last 800 years. When you buy this rug you are helping to sustain a community and it's historic trade.

Dimensions are 120cm x 90cm, an ideal size for a children's rug, a picnic rug or a fireside rug or....... with tigers and meditation in mind........you may want to use it for yoga
Traditionally Eastern meditators sat on tiger skins for spiritual protection.

How was felt invented? 12th century Mongol hordes marauding through Asia, sleeping on shorn wool, discovered that it matted together to form a fabric. In the intervening centuries felt has not changed much, except that the wool is now washed and is pleasanter to encounter than its ancestor.

The tiger likes a good beating and shake. He can be washed, preferably by hand in tepid water. He will shrink slightly if you machine wash him at 30 degrees as the fibres tighten. Do not dry clean, he prefers soap and water.