ENDANGERED SPECIES: Hand felted turtle rug


Hand felted Turtle rug, ideal for child' s bedroom, picnic rug

We are designing and then working with our felters to create a family of endangered species rugs. Delightful in children's room but equally happy as a picnic or fireside rug

We are adding to our endangered species. Alongside our felted Tiger we now have a felted Turtle.

These unique felt rugs also support the endangered craftsmen who have worked for generations in the same villages felt making.

These rugs are made by master felt-makers, living in a village where felt has been made for the last 800 years. When you buy this rug you are helping to sustain a community and it's historic trade. Support them by buying these beautiful, witty hand made items made with love, passion and history.

RUG.Dimensions are 120cm x 90cm, an ideal size for a children's rug, a picnic rug.

TURTLES ARE USED TO WATER AND PREFER A COOL WASH BY HAND. They will shrink slightly if washed on a 30 degree wash in washing machine as fibres tighten. Otherwise a good shake is all they need.