Ajooba pestle and mortar (medium)


A hand-carved ajooba mortar with pestle. Each piece is exquisite and unique.
Designed by us, made by hand from a rare natural stone( Ajooba).

We specifically chose this stone as its patterning, reminiscent of seeds and beans, we think perfect for an implement for grinding seeds and beans.
Not only is it a piece of calm beauty in your kitchen, it is eminently practical. A great present to yourself or others, a perfect special wedding gift.

Featured in the FT. How to spend it Dec. 2011

This medium Mortar is 15cm diameter and stands 12cm high.

The pestle is made from red jasper, a fabulous and fiery red

Sold online, you are also welcome to come and choose your own piece, we can arrange a showing in London or the West Country. The stone has many variations, some greener, some more ochre.